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Gina  Flores [userpic]


August 22nd, 2009 (02:26 pm)

current location: US, Florida, Broward, Miramar, SW 38th Ct

Left out not really. Betrayed a small bit.sick of how I am yeah these and many unstated are reasons to why I want to change
.not too much my personality because that why I have such great friends but by maturing the way I live and think .so far I've gone five days and belive me it's hard but hopefully this will do me a greater good.

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Gina  Flores [userpic]

A lot has happen

August 11th, 2009 (11:49 am)

current location: US, Florida, Broward, Miramar, SW 69th Ln, 3919

I have changed a hole lot ... Graduated from highschool and went on to collage. Studied culinary in lcb Miami graduated right now working in my hopes of becoming an excutive chef . As relations ships goes I've gone in alot of dates but have not found that right person LOL so I layed it to a rest for a small while as I focus on my career .my grand parents passed which was a sad moment for me . I got my licence yep I'm a road raged so whatch out if your driving in the broward area . And I think that should catch you up till now

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Dear god!

August 10th, 2009 (10:19 pm)
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I haven't posted any blog a on my livejournal for a long time I'm really sorry to all my friends here and I'm hopeing to keep updating now that ihave it as an app

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Gina  Flores [userpic]

im back...........

July 14th, 2006 (12:57 am)

guess who back with a can full of CRAP!!!! yes im back its been ages since i wrote in this journal........damn im ancient.....well my life suck i work 2 jobs and well i been trying to put a new layout and well it not working

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i hurt my self

January 26th, 2006 (07:44 pm)

current mood: annoyed

i havent been signing in since aug. wow i been in a great deal of hell these couple of months on january 1st to say hi to the newyear i poped my right knee in a party can u say ouch! i was in the er for 3 hours . they druged me soo bad that i started to see rainbows and unicorns plus the fact that i was in so much pain and im suck with my brace for a month until the end of jan then they change it until feb.... i had so much freaking bad luck after that i never went back to school for 2 weeks my entire body was in pain and it was contently hurting but what can i do im stuck this way for a month v.v........this sucks really bad

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August 30th, 2005 (09:07 am)

im in school and im sick like a dog but next to the fact my mom dose not want to pick me up ..................~.~ thanks mom u are really supportive well anyways im hungry ,tired and sick and i want to go home some one help me................

Gina  Flores [userpic]

when was the last time..................

August 20th, 2005 (01:40 pm)

current mood: grumpy

wow august already man time has passed since the last time i wrote in my journal but one thing i know that when i started school it really did suck with all these new rules we had it was absolutely making me think of hanging my self on the 3rd floor of our schools building . as a result are school was full the first day now it look a bit more empty if you get what im saying and for you who dont understand alot of people left our school some on which where friends of mine, this school year is going to suck so badly theirs no words to describe it ..................................next to it all sucking at least i have a few thing to look up to the fact that my best friend julian came back from phily and that he might be re-enrolling in the school but its a small chance he will since he lives in miami and the facts we have all these rules -.-

Gina  Flores [userpic]

im a flower yay

July 1st, 2005 (10:53 am)

I am flower named eclair9556 !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?

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June 2nd, 2005 (12:59 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (im sleeping)

yay ! its the last day of the school year and the most anticipated day of the year every one loves the last day of school u can flick off your teachers u can throw paper spit ball at your bitchy principal and u well some of us face exams well i did all 3 before the school ended and damn it felt good well to start after 1 st hour on which was awsome because my first hour test was easy and the fact that she gave us icecream.before we go into 2nd hour they give us 10min. free to spend like a break thats when i went to my 3rd hour teacher and flicked him off for failing me and for being an ass all year .....now the spit ball to the principal classic of course i didnt do it but my friend erica did and i enjoyed watching it from the second floor of our school building ....mostly that all when we where done we all left the school i went home to sleep and nothing new .

Gina  Flores [userpic]

my bad day gone worse

May 12th, 2005 (09:23 pm)

current mood: read it if u dont belive it
current song: welcome to my life (simple plan)

my day today started like crap, i woke up felling like shit and i really didn't want to go to school today i wanted to stay home and sleep but sadly i forgot how much work i have at school .in my first hour i was watching a movie that well was fucked up it kept blinking in and out the blue screen so we changed the tv and found out that it was not the tv it was the tape after a long hour of watching a blue screen the bell rang to second hour on which we had a math test and my brain wasn't functioning so i was like" damn short attention spand " my partner was like yeah i know i get the feeling -.- how in the hell do u get what im feeling? well soon after that i went to my worst period 3rd hour i wont get into detail but it sucked . at lunch it was like any other day paranormal at forth hour i was crusing at my self for forgetting my research paper but how well she gave us until monday to turn it in when i got home i fell asleep until 5:45 then my best friend called and i hung up on him by mistake after a while i called him back saying over and over again im sorry ,im sorry ,im so sorry and like usual he like u hung up on me that fucker oh well that my hell day and it not even friday the 13.........

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